Our PAMM Technology

Our PAMM Technology is very user-friendly and innovative which provides exact and instantaneous allocation of Fund Manager's trade into Investors account based on their equity.


How It Works?

  • Fund Manager opens a PAMM account with an initial investment as manager's capital. Then he designs his proposal, which includes profit sharing ratio and minimum investment.
  • As the Fund Manager trades on his PAMM Account, the Trade gets replicated to their following Investors account, according to the client equity.
  • Investors can search through BlueMax PAMMs Top 10 Fund Managers to select the manager they would like to invest.
  • When an Investor joins a PAMM Account, his Trading Account will be Mapped to the selected Fund Manager. Once mapped, the Trades done by the Fund Manager will be allocated in Investor's account as per Equity.
  • Performance Fee will be computed at the end of every month and will be automatically debited from Investor's account and credited to Fund Manager's account.

Illustration for PAMM Trade duplication


Manager's capital


1st Investor's capital


2nd Investor's capital


3rd Investor's capital

Therefore the Total PAMM Account value is 90,500 USD (Manager Capital $15,000 + Investors Capital $75,500)

If the manager is trading at EUR/USD with 9.05 lots, then the lot allocation will be as follows.

In Manager Account 1.50 lot will be placed.

In 1st Investor account 0.30 lot will be placed.

In 2nd Investor account 0.25 lot will be placed.

In 3rd Investor account 7.0 lot will be placed.

Entry & Exit price will be similar for Manager and all Investor accounts.