Open PAMM Manager Account

Open Fund Manager Account

Successful trader can become a PAMM Manager. We always need Successful Traders for our Investors. We welcome all Master Traders to become our PAMM Managers. Because this was your right market place to get more Investors and we have option of PAMM Promoters which will raise your investments.

How to open PAMM Manager account?

Login to myBlueMax then go to PAMM area and click Open a Manager Account then Fill out registration form, deposit a manager capital and start trading. After three months time we will review you account with our PAMM Manager standards. If you meet all our PAMM standards then you get approved as a BlueMax PAMM Manager. Or else if you like to have PAMM approved immediately, send your last six month trading History with other brokers. We will take it as your performance and review your trading history with our PAMM Manager standards. If you qualify then we will approve you as BlueMax PAMM Manager immediately.

Then you can set your proposal for Investors which include Minimum Investment, Performance fee ratio, Short description about your trading strategy and Promoter Support. After that you will get a unique PAMM Web-Link which shows your performance. You can promote this link to get more Investors. If you become one of the TOP 10 in our PAMM System, then your name will be shown in the TOP 10 PAMM Managers listed by BlueMax in its portal.

Why we follow strict rules to approve PAMM Manager?

Our Aim is to have Quality PAMM Managers and not quantity of managers.

We want all our Investors to feel that their money is in safer hands.

Eligible Criteria to become PAMM Manager

Only Trading accounts with a minimum Manager's capital of $10,000 will be considered for verification.

We don't encourage unethical trading practices like Arbitrages and Spike trading EAs, because we are not Market Makers.

Only traders with a stable trading history of at least three months will be considered.

Consistent performance over time is an essential criterion for PAMM approval.

Our experienced team will consider each application using stringent assessment criteria. Risk determinants such as maximum drawdown, cross-account performance, martingale and the use of 'wait until recovery' strategies will be evaluated before verification is issued.